Public Call for Economic Infrastructure Projects

Public Call for Economic Infrastructure extended until 31 October 2022

4,800,000 Euros

Total budget for all  three lots within the Call

Objective: Development of economic infrastructure with a view to creating conditions for new investments in production, services and tourism, and opening new jobs.

Type of Activities:

  • LOT 1: Construction, reconstruction, utility equipment of industrial zones, science and technology parks, business incubators and/or innovation centers. The total budget is 3,400,000 Euros, ( from 150,000 - 650,000 EUR per project)
  • LOT 2: Support to the development of sustainable tourism - reconstruction, equipping of tourist zones, as well as the construction and/or expansion of pedestrian and bicycle paths, cable-cars and similar. The total budget is 1,000,000 Euros (from 150,000 to 400,000 EUR per project).
  • LOT 3: Support to the development of technical documentation for the development of economic infrastructure, i.e. the development of projects for building permits, project execution designs and feasibility studies. The total budget is 400,000 Euros (from 10,000 to 80,000 EUR per project).

Eligibility Criteria: 99 local self-governments from Šumadija and Western Serbia and Southern and Eastern Serbia are eligible to apply for the Call, independently or in partnership with other local self-governments and / or public enterprises and institutions.

Application process in two phases:

Phase 1: Submitting Concept Note

Phase 2: Submitting Full Application only for the applicants whose concepts have been positively assessed in Phase 1

Deadline for submitting Concept Note (Phase 1) is extended until 31. 10. 2022


Application document for phase one of the Call:

  • Application form for concept note (Annex A1) - applicants should fill in just one concept note for LOT relevant to their proposal
  • Declaration by the Applicant (Annex E) - to be filled in by all applicants

Documents for information

  • UNOPS Grant Support Agreement Template (Annex H)
  • List of eligible LSG (Annex I)

Javni poziv za projekte poslovne infrastukture

Public Call for Proposals for Economic Infrastructure Projects

Application documents for phase 1


Application document for phase two of the Call (only for information):

  • Full Application Form (Annex A) - only for the invited applicants, each filling only one Form for the relevant LOT
  • Budget (Annex B)
  • Logical framework (Annex C)
  • Partners of the applicant (Annex D)
  • Statement of co-funding (Annex F)
  • Check List of mandatory documents (Annex G)

Application documents for phase 2




Infrastructure Equipment of the Svilajnac Industrial Zone with the EU support

EU support to improving business environment



Apply for Info-session



Info sessions will be held on the Google meet platform, according to the following schedule:

In line with the conditions of the Call, the deadline for requesting clarifications expired on 20. October 2022. We encourage you to search the tab Frequently Asked Questions, where you will hopefully find an adequate response to your inquiry.