Municipality of Bujanovac

Southern and Eastern Serbia - Pčinjski District

Level of development - Group IV

Active enterprises - 265

Active entrepreneurs - 1219




Average income




Improved development planning and introduction of the integrated territorial investment


Improved economic growth in the targeted local self-governments


Improved social infrastructure and social cohesion in the targeted local self-governments

372,080 Euros

251,635 Euros

(68% EU PRO)

120,445 Euros

(32% Co-funding)

47,275 Euros

Support to a dental clinic - Moja zubarka MM

Support to Entrepreneurs, Micro and Small Enterprises

The dental practice plans to procure a digital orthopan with equipment, intraoral X-ray machine, system for digitising intraoral recordings and printer to improve existing and introduce new services. As a result two new jobs are to be created adding to the existing one. The CSR activity envisages free dental services for children from socially vulnerable families, primarily from the Roma, and refugees from Ukraine, housed in refugee camps in Bujanovac and Vranje.

Project value:

Programme funds:


39,319 Euros

31,889 Euros

7,430 Euros

Support to wood processing enterprise Cezar GL

Support to Women and Youth Start-ups

Youth entrepreneur aims to improve pellet production and procure automation equipment. The CSR activity envisages donating pellets to local schools and kindergartens.

Project value:

Programme funds:


7,956 Euros

6,741 Euros

1,215 Euros

324,805 Euros

Second phase of construction the Bujanovac transfer station

Local Infrastructure

The second phase of construction of a transfer station in Bujanovac enables the extension of garbage collection to rural areas while treated waste will be stored into the roll containers, transported and disposed on the landfill “Meteris” in Vranje. Besides the local propulation the project contributes to the environment protection and to the work of ten local and regional recyclers, 920 business entities, institutions, and organizations in Bujanovac.

Project value:

Programme funds:


324,805 Euros

213,005 Euros

111,800 Euros