Municipality of Lebane

Southern and Eastern Serbia - Jablanički District

Level of development - Group IV

Active enterprises - 108

Active entrepreneurs - 612




Average income




Improved development planning and introduction of the integrated territorial investment


Improved economic growth in the targeted local self-governments


Improved social infrastructure and social cohesion in the targeted local self-governments

213,031 Euros

180,792 Euros

(85% EU PRO)

32,240 Euros

(15% Co-funding)

50,792 Euros

Support to hygiene products producing enterprise - Danilo Đokić PR Proizvodnja kućne hemije Danix Er

Support to Entrepreneurs, Micro and Small Enterprises

The entrepreneur engaged in production of hygiene products plans to procure three pieces of equipment in order to increase production capacity and introduce new products. As a result four new jobs are to be created adding to the existing nine. The CSR activity envisages donation of products to kindergarten and schools in the local community.

Project value:

Programme funds:


40,745 Euros

33,953 Euros

6,793 Euros

Support to youth entrepreneur Nikola Cvetković

Support to Women and Youth Start-ups

Youth entrepreneur aims to establish a tire repair shop and car wash. CSR activities envisage support to a local rural football club.

Project value:

Programme funds:


10,046 Euros

8,935 Euros

1,111 Euros

162,240 Euros

Renovation of the Lebane’s Day Care Centre for children with disabilities “Sun”

Local Infrastructure

Refurbishing of the Lebane’s only day care centre for children with disabilities “Sun” (220 m2) to provide quality social services in adequate conditions for children and young beneficiaries.

Project value:

Programme funds:


162,240 Euros

137,904 Euros

24,336 Euros