Municipality of Vlasotince

Southern and Eastern Serbia - Jablanički District

Level of development - Group IV

Active enterprises - 160

Active entrepreneurs - 1329




Average income




Improved development planning and introduction of the integrated territorial investment


Improved economic growth in the targeted local self-governments


Improved social infrastructure and social cohesion in the targeted local self-governments

39,474 Euros

32,100 Euros

(81% EU PRO)

7,373 Euros

(19% Co-funding)

39,473 Euros

Support to a metal processing enterprise - Perica Stojković PR Proizvodno limarsko-bravarska radnja Toma Ladovica

Support to Entrepreneurs, Micro and Small Enterprises

The entrepreneur engaged in metal (sheet metal products) processing plans to procure a machine for cutting and bending metal sheets to improve quality and increase capacity of production. As a result two new jobs are to be created adding to the existing three. The CSR activity envisages donation of products and services for the local institution regarding child care.

Project value:

Programme funds:


33,918 Euros

27,100 Euros

6,817 Euros

Support to woman entrepreneur Nevena Stanković

Support to Women and Youth Start-ups

Woman entrepreneur (service sector) from Vlasotince aims to establish a hair and beauty salon and procure laser hair removal equipment. The CSR activities include promoting environmental protection at the local level.

Project value:

Programme funds:


5,556 Euros

5,000 Euros

556 Euros