Municipality of Žitorađa

Southern and Eastern Serbia - Toplički District

Level of development - Group IV

Active enterprises - 39

Active entrepreneurs - 374




Average income




Improved development planning and introduction of the integrated territorial investment


Improved economic growth in the targeted local self-governments


Improved social infrastructure and social cohesion in the targeted local self-governments

74,551 Euros

63,513 Euros

(85% EU PRO)

11,037 Euros

(15% Co-funding)

50,795 Euros

Support to a joinery producing enterprise - Miloš Stajković PR Proizvodnja građevinske stolarije Stajkom

Support to Entrepreneurs, Micro and Small Enterprises

The enterprise processing wood (joinery) plans to procure a vertical formatter and a skirting machine to improve and speed up the production process. As a result two new jobs are to be created adding to the existing two. The CSR activity envisages donation of joinery to the kindergarten in Žitorađa.

Project value:

Programme funds:


39,268 Euros

32,456 Euros

6,811 Euros

Support to food production enterprise Abracadabra Sweets

Support to Women and Youth Start-ups

Woman entrepreneur aims to improve bakery and pastry production and procure kitchen equipment. The CSR activity envisages providing discounted or free bakery products to local schools and community events.

Project value:

Programme funds:


11,528 Euros

10,000 Euros

1,528 Euros

23,755 Euros

Support to Municipality of Žitorađa: Piloting the "Personal companion of a child" service

Social cohesion

Improving access to education and better learning support to children with disabilities through establishment of social protection service "Personal Companion of a Child" through organising accredited training for personal companions, their engagement and provision of the service.

Project value:

Programme funds:


23,755 Euros

21,057 Euros

2,698 Euros