Kraljevo, 1 March 2024

EU and Serbia work together to improve the economic infrastructure for new investments and jobs

Twenty local self-governments will, with the support of the European Union of five million Euros, provided through the EU PRO Plus programme, improve economic infrastructure and conditions for new investments and new jobs. These projects should contribute to the attraction of 300 million Euros of new investments and the creation of more than 3,000 new jobs in five years after the implementation. The Minister of European Integration Tanja Miščević and the Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Serbia, Emanuele Giaufret, visited today in Kraljevo one of the supported projects that include the revitalisation of Mataruška Banja.

In Kraljevo Minister Miščević and Ambassador of Giaufret also presented certificates to the representatives of these cities and municipalities that, through projects supported by the EU, will improve infrastructure in industrial zones, tourist infrastructure, develop technical documentation for new projects and thus improve the conditions for investing. 

“Today, 20 certificates were handed out for projects financed by the European Union through the EU PRO Plus programme, while the number and quality of projects are increasing by every call, with growing responsiveness to the needs of all citizens. These are economic infrastructure improvement projects with a total value of over eight million Euros, of which the EU invested more than five million Euros, and local self-governments participate with a significant amount of almost three million Euros. All these projects will have direct benefits for about ten thousand citizens of these 20 municipalities, by contributing to a better business environment, new investments and a better, more satisfied and safer life in Serbia,” said Minister of European Integration Tanja Miščević.

As the minister emphasised, the process of European integration is a strategic goal of our country, because through this process, our legal system and the way the state and society function are changing. “And as we saw today in Mataruška Banja,” said Miščević, “it also brings the most concrete benefits to the environment in which we live.”

Minister Miščević told local governments to strategically prepare projects, taking into account the overall development plan of Serbia. “When you decide on project proposals, it is important to thoroughly work on the preparation of project documentation so that the technical implementation goes according to plan. We are here to assist you in that work,” said the Minister, once again expressing her gratitude to the European Union and the EU member states for the development support they provide to Serbia.

“Our joint efforts and investments drive economic development, focusing on improving business infrastructure. These 20 projects will deliver tangible results for the economy and citizens in the future, through new investments and job creation. We support local self-governing units in improving the business and investment climate, enhancing competitiveness at the local level. I am particularly pleased to have visited the project underway in Mataruška Banja, as it exemplifies how EU support contributes to tourism development, increased economic activity, and improved quality of life for people,” stated EU Ambassador Emanuele Giaufret.

Of the total allocated funds, 3.1 million Euros will be used for infrastructure equipment, i.e. construction of roads, transformer stations, improvement or construction of communal infrastructure in industrial zones in Valjevo, Šabac, Ćuprija, Preševo, Kragujevac and Mionica, reconstruction and equipment of the former textile plant in Bosilegrad, while the regional Smart Centre will be completed in Novi Pazar. The EU supports projects aimed at the development of sustainable tourism in Knjaževac, Aleksinac, Mali Zvornik, Užice and Kraljevo with over 1.5 million Euros, while Bajina Bašta, Surdulica, Loznica, Paraćin, Zaječar, Kosjerić, Lajkovac received support in the amount of over 423,000 Euros to develop technical documentation for improvement of economic infrastructure, i.e. for the preparation of projects for building permits, project execution designs and feasibility studies. 

According to Mayor Predrag Terzić, the City f Kraljevo implements project in Mataruška Banja, worth over 400,000 Euros, which includes reconstruction of 5.3-kilometer water supply network to ensure that the gerontological and rehabilitation centre, residents and visitors of the spa have a safe water supply, while the children's playground will be also reconstructed and new benches and waste bins will be installed. "This is another valuable donation from the European Union to Kraljevo, with which we will realise a project of importance for tourism and economic activity of the city, a better life for the residents of Mataruška Banja, but also the creation of new jobs for our fellow citizens," said Mayor Terzić.