Ćuprija, Aleksinac, Surdulica, 9 August 2023

EU supports Ćuprija, Aleksinac and Surdulica

The Head of Cooperation of the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Serbia, Nicola Bertolini, visited today the EU-funded projects in Ćuprija, Aleksinac and Surdulica, which contribute to a better quality of life through the improvement of infrastructure and services that local self-governments provide to citizens.

Bertolini and the Mayor of Ćuprija, Jovica Antić, visited the works on the reconstruction of the cultural centre in Supska, one of the largest settlements in the municipality. With EU grants of almost 160,000 Euros and substantial municipal co-funding of 120,000 Euros, the works will include new facade and roof insulation, installation of electrical networks, the interior decoration and enabling the access for people with disabilities.

“The Culture Centre facility in Supska represents the support of European Union taxpayers to local communities in Serbia, and as a multi-purpose facility, it will greatly benefit the population for cultural and social activities,”, said Nicola Bertolini.

"This used to be a ruined building, but with the help of European Union funds, reconstruction is now underway, the works are proceeding according to plan and are expected to be completed by November this year. Within this centre, there will be an ambulance for the provision of health services to the local population and a space for a folklore society as well as a chess club", said the Mayor of Ćuprija Jovica Antić.

Antić expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with the European Union so far and highlighted the new EU support of 170,000 Euros provided through the EU PRO Plus programme for the infrastructure equipment of the "Minel" industrial zone in order to improve business conditions in the Municipality.

In Aleksinac, the Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation together with the Mayor Dalibor Radičević, visited the green market, whose renovation was helped by the EU.

“The European Union is supporting the South of Serbia through the implementation of numerous projects, such as those in Aleksinac, as all of them benefit the citizens at local level where life takes place”, said Nicola Bertolini while expressing satisfaction about the cooperation between the EU Delegation and the Municipality of Aleksinac.


„The project of reconstruction and roofing of the green market with the purchase of new stalls was realised in 2019 with the support of the European Union, and we are continuing this successful cooperation with the new project of the renovation of the Institution for rest and recreation of children "Lipovac", which will provide better services and conditions for children and sportsmen and tourists as well, but also for the local citizens for the organisation of various cultural events”, said the Mayor of Aleksinac Dalibor Radičević. The project is worth a total of 618,629 Euros, of which the EU will invest over 380,000 Euros through the EU PRO Plus programme, and the local self-government will participate with more than 236,000 euros.

In Aleksinac, Nicola Bertolini, Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation, spoke with civil society representatives from southern and southeastern Serbia, who informed him about the situation in this part of the country, as well as the possibilities of civil society action.

In Surdulica, the Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation together the Minister without portfolio in charge of improving the development of underdeveloped municipalities Novica Tončev and the representatives of Surdulica municipality visited the works on the reconstruction and equipping of the Roma centre, which are being carried out as part of the programme "EU support for social housing and active inclusion". The total value of the project in Surdulica is 163,000 Euros, of which the EU donation is 140,000 Euros.

"Here I see the European Union and integration, and I see a place for Roma where they can gather, communicate, create culture, and that is one of the basic principles of the European Union. That is why I am especially glad to see that this facility will provide a place and environment for the Roma community here in Surdulica", said Nicola Bertolini.

"Without the funds of the European Union, the municipality would not be able to complete this facility intended for the Roma population to serve them for cultural, sports and other social activities," said Minister Tončev and thanked the EU Delegation for its support.

In the Surdulica village of Alakince, Bertolini visited the Veličković family dairy, which acquired a storage chamber and modern packaging machines with EU grants, and thus improved the business.