Novi Pazar, 7 March 2024

The second phase of the construction of the Smart City Centre in Novi Pazar is underway thanks to the EU support

The City of Novi Pazar, thanks to the European Union (EU) support, is working on the second phase of the construction of the Smart City Centre. This space is designed to contribute to the creation of a modern business environment and encourage the development of the IT industry and innovative technologies. The EU grant of over 321,000 Euros, provided through the EU PRO Plus programme, which is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration, will be used for construction works, as well as for the equipment of the facility.

"The City of Novi Pazar with the regional innovation Smart City Centre is getting more than 1,000 square metres of modern and equipped space for young, educated people who can develop their innovative businesses but also contribute to the economy and development of the community," said the mayor of Novi Pazar, Nihat Biševac. The mayor reminded that the construction of the centre, i.e. its first phase, was supported by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation with 45 million Dinars, while the participation of Novi Pazar amounted to 51 million dinars. Biševac added that this is one of the most important projects in the City, which should be the driver of economic development both in Novi Pazar and in the neighbouring municipalities of Sjenica, Tutin and Raška. The city of Novi Pazar participates in the implementation of the project with more than 80,000 Euros.

As the Coordinator of the Regional Innovation Centre Šemsudin Plojović stated, the new space will be used by IT experts and innovative businesses, but that this is also an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, stressing that innovations are already present in all segments of business across various industries. Plojović pointed out that the Regional Innovation Centre is starting cooperation with the Niš Science and Technology Park in order to improve internal capacities and that the facility, when it is completed, can provide, in addition to excellent conditions, full educational support to young IT experts in Novi Pazar.

The project in Novi Pazar is one of 20 economic infrastructure projects in the regions of Šumadija and Western Serbia and Southern and Eastern Serbia that the EU supports through the EU PRO Plus Programme with more than five million Euros. The projects aim to improve local competitiveness by improving business conditions and attracting new investments. The works include the construction or reconstruction and infrastructural equipping of industrial zones, tourist zones, as well as the preparation of technical documentation for the purpose of developing economic infrastructure.